Cinco de Mayo Party Recap

One Taco Tuesday many weeks ago, Jody and I started throwing around the idea of hosting another party. We had such a blast hosting our Housewarming Party back in the fall so we felt like it was time to consider hosting friends and family again. We had a busy couple of months coming with the end of the school year and vacation, so we felt like if we wanted to have one before summer begins, early May would be our best bet. Inspired by our dinner choice the night this idea came to, and by Cinco de Mayo falling on a Saturday, we decided on our next gathering.

Considering no fiesta is complete without tacos and margaritas, I wanted the main event and focus to be on the food and drink. However, I felt like it wouldn’t feel like much of a fiesta surrounded by the neutral colors in our home, so I wanted to find one or two bright-colored decorative pieces to really pull the party together. I found a mini pinata to add to one of the bar carts, some festive cocktail napkins, and paper straws, and a pennant banner to line the porch. Between the pops of color, tequila themed playlist and food, it felt like a celebration in Mexico!



The textile fabric I added as a table runner is actually from Peru; it was the fabric that was sewn into my wedding garter and Jody’s bracelet that he wore!


Two weeks before the party, I found the most adorable little cactus toothpick from Target. I’m not sure anyone actually used them, but they were too cute not to get!


Our menu consisted of ground turkey tacos and all of the toppings, chicken fajitas, Mexican rice, pico de gallo, taco dip, Mexican street corn salad, guacamole, pineapple salsa, queso, cornbread muffins, watermelon, pineapple and seafood nachos. We also had a bucket of tortilla chips, which were enjoyed all night long. On a sweeter note, we also had margarita bars, key lime poke cake, and margarita cheesecake bites for dessert.

Of course, we had plenty of margaritas to go around, plus a few Coronas (and limes!) for those who didn’t want to brave the tequila. Thanks to some help earlier in the day, there wasn’t a lot of work involved in the moments before guests arrived, other than taking the few things out of the oven. It was so relaxing to be able to enjoy the party, not just be running back and forth from the kitchen the entire night! I was also a little nervous about the weather — even though the party was inside, I still wanted to utilize our porch and after a week of temperatures in the 90’s, I was afraid it was going to be too hot for anyone to stand sitting out there. On the night of the party, however, it was the perfect sitting on the porch kind of weather. It was almost as if I had dreamt that we were on a beach in Mexico. 🙂

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