Saturday Strolls

About a week ago, we had our first taste of summer with two days of temperatures in the 80’s. After originally planning to go hiking that weekend, Jody and I decided to head to the beach instead to enjoy an afternoon in the sun. Knowing that the breeze off the ocean would still be cool, I suggested that we go to the nearby state park to wander trails leading to the coast before heading to what was sure to be a busy boardwalk.

Living on the mid-shore, we typically visit Rehobeth Beach in Delaware, which is just under an hour drive away. Cape Henlopen State Park is actually a bit closer to us, so after a stop for coffee, we headed into the park. It had been a few years since I had last been to Cape Henlopen so we parked in one of the first spots near the historical markers that we saw so we could explore the history that lies within the park. Fort Miles, a prominent coastal fort during World War II and through the Cold War, actually is located within the park. As I sipped on my iced coffee, we explored the artillery park, battery, and barracks. Being the history lover that I am and Jody’s interest in the military, we couldn’t have started our Saturday off in a better way.


Shortly after, we wanted to hit one of the trails before we headed to Rehobeth. We hopped on the first trail we saw (rookie mistake) and started heading towards the coast. We eventually came to realize that the trail that we had stumbled upon was in fact not leading us to the beach and was over four miles, just in one direction! After a bit of deliberation, we came to the realization that we were not prepared (aka hungry) to commit to that long of a walk. Luckily for us, we did find an overlook that was a great place for us to take a break, soak in the sun and appreciate how beautiful the ocean truly is.


After the hike back to our car, we left Cape Henlopen for our exercise reward of a beer for Jody and a cold glass of rose for me. Once we arrived at the beach, we wandered through some of the shops along the boardwalk before getting our obligatory cup of Thrasher’s beach fries. These were my first beach fries in over a year since I did not partake the week before our wedding, and I must say, they were every bit of good as they sound! We took our fries to the beach and found a spot to sit and relax before dinner. Admittedly, I was cold at this point, especially with the cool air coming off of the Atlantic. Even so, we were both so glad to have spent the day strolling through the park’s trails and the beach’s boardwalk on such a beautiful day.


What are some of your favorite things to do on a warmer than usual weekend? We would love to get some new ideas, so share what you enjoy in the comments below!

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