April Goals

Happy Easter, friends! I hope you had a joyful weekend celebrating with family and friends. Jody and I had a wonderful and relaxing weekend; we celebrated his 27th birthday over dinner with family (more celebrating to come later this week!), went to see the movie “Paul, Apostle of Christ”, and celebrated Christ’s resurrection over Easter ham and my first attempt at my great-grandmother beloved deviled egg recipe 🙂

As I was preparing to set my April Goals, I was also preparing myself to not be discouraged by not making a ton of progress on my goals I set for March. As I spent a majority of my time in the past few weeks focusing on an event for work, I wasn’t able to spend as much time as I wanted working towards my goals. I knew going into March that it was going to be a busy month, particularly towards the end, and I didn’t want to lose the desire to continue to set goals, even in the busy months. Even though some of these goals will be rolled over into April or put off until a later date, I think that still shows progress as I am continually working towards these intended tasks. I’m looking forward to having a little extra time this month to really enjoy all that spring has to offer, especially fresh starts!

March Goals

  • Continue to set aside time for my prayer journal and Lenten devotional to joyfully prepare for Easter
  • Celebrate Jody’s 27th birthday
  • Decide which scrapbook project to start and set aside time to work on it
  • Complete this Ab Challenge from Lauren Conrad and walk whenever the weather allows I didn’t complete this yet as there were some days I didn’t get the workout in, but I’m continuing it until it is complete because I’ve noticed a difference!
  • Clean out our office and make it functional for both of us to use I’m considering this one half-checked. I spent some time this month cleaning and clearing out this room and considering how to make it functional. I ended up deciding that I want to get a new desk for my space, so I’m going to roll this goal to April to continue to work on it. 
  • Find a way to ensure I’m capturing memories throughout this month through taking more pictures

April Goals

  • Clean out our office and make it functional for both of us to use
  • Joyfully host friends for Jody’s birthday celebration this coming weekend
  • Print and post our Spring Cleaning list and clean our home
  • Complete two Tone It Up workouts a week, and walk as the weather improves
  • Continue weekly prayer journal and set aside time to write the Word
  • Take more pictures! (If any one has any tips on how to ensure I’m taking pictures throughout the month, please send them my way!)
  • Decide which scrapbook project to start and set aside time to work on it
  • Outline blog mini-series I’ve been dreaming up 🙂
  • Read Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul

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