Christmas Gift Guide: For the Travelers


I’m a firm believer in the fact that traveling is good for the soul, and thankfully my husband does too. Ever since I was little, my parents would typically use the holidays to gift us with items that would be useful on an upcoming trip. I’ve received maps, cameras, memory cards (make a great stocking stuffer!), and travel books all about wherever I was headed. Travel has been such a huge part of my life since I was little, and something that I remain passionate about. If you’re shopping for a travel enthusiast this year, I hope this guide gives you some ideas, if not adds some ideas to your own list (guilty!).

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  1. Luggage Tags: This is such an easy gift for anyone. There are a million options out there of different luggage tags you can get, so why not surprise your traveler with a new set that beats the paper tags from the airport. My go-to would be one like this one — bright which makes it easy to spot on the carousel, but still stylish.
  2. Luggage Scale: A must for those who tend to overpack (ahem, hand raised over here). This scale provides highly accurate readings of the weight of your suitcase, as well as temperature gauge. It is small and easy to pack, which means it doesn’t add a lot more weight!
  3. Instant Film Camera: You definitely can’t travel anywhere without a camera. While I love my Nikon, this instant film camera by Fujifilm is perfect for anyone. It’s lightweight and compact, which is ideal for travel, and also produces bright images. They come in a variety of colors and are reasonably affordable for someone who isn’t into high tech photography.
  4. Portable Battery Charger: You honestly can never have enough of these portable battery chargers. Especially if you are using your phone as a translator, camera, GPS, etc, you’re going to need a recharge before the day is over. Travelers can easily toss this charger in their bag and pull it out whenever they need it. It makes a great stocking stuffer too!
  5. Peru: The Cookbook: One of the arguably best parts about traveling is the opportunity to experience diverse foods from different cultures. What’s a better gift than to remind your traveler of one of their favorite places by gifting a cookbook full of different recipes from that culture?!
  6. Space Bag Travel Bags: When I studied in Europe for a month in college, I used these space bags to save space in my luggage. These bags vacuum out all of the air, dust, and bugs to keep your clothes as fresh as when you washed them. These are a must for anyone traveling to any cold-climate — it saves a ton of space on sweaters and bulky outerwear!
  7. Carry On Cocktail Kit: Pre-flight jitters or a little rest & relaxation? That choice is yours, but either way, this carry on cocktail kit comes in handy! Complete with a muddler and steel jigger, you can bring first-class to economy seating.
  8. S’well Bottle: My brother-in-law got me one of these bottles as a gift a few years ago and it still is one of my favorite bottles to take with me whether on a day trip or a week-long vacation. Its slim shape allows it to fit in a number of bags or backpacks (I always stick it in the outer pocket of my camera bag), and it comes in a ton of different colors and designs. I’m really loving the art on the one above!
  9. Scratch Off World Map: Between all of my family’s vacations growing up, plus the newer trips I’ve been on, I have a map of the United States that I color in when I visit each state. It has been so neat to see a visual of where I’ve been, and where I still have to go. However, since its only a map of the States, this world map may be my next purchase. I love the black background because once you scratch off the place that you’ve visited, the brilliantly bright colors of the country below really pop.
  10. Travel Laundry Bags: I am all about organization, especially when traveling. If my belongings aren’t organized in tip-top condition, I am bound to lose them. I love this set because it not only provides separate bags for those random travel necessities but also comes with a bag for dirty laundry. Now your dirty clothes won’t get mixed up with your clean ones, and you can just toss them in the washer as soon as you arrive home!
  11. Travel Coloring Book: Flights are boring, to begin with, especially if they are transcontinental. Thankfully, most international airlines provide some sort of TV or streaming service, but if you’re like me, that will get boring after a while too. Pick up one of these coloring books and a bag of pencils for a gift that is easy to pack and entertaining!
  12. Energizing Foot Lotion: Y’all, this stuff is the best. It is made of a cool and refreshing mint formula that soothes aching, tired feet, and legs. After a day of exploring one of the world’s oldest cities, to recovering from jet lag, this lotion is sure to be one of your traveler’s must-pack necessities!
  13. Travel Mug: These mugs by Evelyn Henson are just the cutest! Not only does she have mugs designed with famous landmarks from different touristy cities, but also from some of our favorite destinations from right here in the States! These mugs can serve as a great daily reminder of a favorite city or vacation.

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