Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Happy Black Friday friends! I hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of laughter, love and good food. Jody and I spent ours in Virginia with his side of the family — it was great to see family that we don’t get to see all that often.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the holiday season is officially upon us! Between now and Cyber Monday, I’ll be sharing my gift guides filled with ideas while you start, continue or finish your Christmas shopping! Growing up, one of my family’s traditions was to spend all of Black Friday in the kitchen making all of our Christmas Cookies for the season. I still continue this tradition with Jody, but I can’t resist the opportunity to find some deals online! First up is my His and Hers Stocking Stuffers guide. This post is extra special as we have a guest blogger to share “guy-approved” stocking stuffers — my hubby! So give him a warm welcome and happy shopping!

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  1. Movie Tickets:  While this can be a little subjective, if your guy is a fan of Marvel movies, it’s quite a time to be alive.  Ladies, if you’re feeling up to it, make a personalized voucher to gift him, to a movie of his choice.  
  2. Shaving Essentials Shaving cream can be one of those tedious expenses, so why not have one that works well, smells and looks good?  I switched from Gilette to these products from Harry’s and haven’t looked back. 
  3. Whiskey Stones Every guy needs a solid bar accessory.  Whether it’s a bespoke beer mug or a James Bond looking decanter, I’ve become fond of these whiskey stones my wife got me for all my fine whiskey on rocks needs.
  4. Lottery Tickets:  Big money! We hope haha! A classic in my family.  Before scratching we always loved daydreaming how to (ridiculously) spend our winnings. 
  5. Multi-Purpose Work GlovesGents, whether you’re a home auto mechanic, self-proclaimed professional house maintenance man, or just need a good pair of affordable gloves, Mechanix is proven to be a comfortable go-to.
  6. SocksLadies, look at your man’s hobbies and run with it.  I personally have far too many pizza socks and yet, not enough.  while socks were lame gifts when we were kids, every guy needs new socks. Always. 
  7. Ear Bud Headphones: Even though most people (maybe?) keep track of their original headphones just fine, I’ve found it useful to have a few pairs here and there.  I have a pair for the gym, for my car (since my AUX is no more), and general-purpose. 
  8. Bottle OpenerThe world of bottle openers has gotten creative.  As far as bottle openers go, just use the same tactic as the socks and take note of his hobbies! Cheers.
  9. Pocket KnifeA good tool, safety measure, EDC (every day Carry) essential, whatever.  A Good pocket knife seems to be appreciated by most guys.  I’m by no means a knife connoisseur, but I’ve had no trouble using my Smith and Wesson with a serrated edge. 
  10. Favorite SnackSimple, effective, delicious.  Top it all off with his favorite snack.  Chances are he will munch on these while opening the rest of his gifts! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! – Jody

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  1. Nail Polish: Everyone knows about my nail polish addiction, so obviously I needed to start my list off with some color! The best thing about using nail polish as a stocking stuffer is its small enough to fit at the bottom or to slip in a small spot next to something else. Also, around this time of year, you usually can find a set of mini polish in holiday colors!
  2. Bracelet: I’ve had my eye on this forever! This hair tie bracelet is perfect for any girl who is stylish, but always manages to leave their hairband on their wrist. You can keep your hair tie close by with this clever jewelry piece. 
  3. Fuzzy Socks: If you’re like me, you probably rush to see what’s under the tree on Christmas morning and forget to put something on your feet. A pair of fuzzy socks are such a cute way to add some additional cheer and warmth to your Christmas morning!
  4. Coffee Gift Card: One of the greatest gifts in life is a gift card for coffee. I have the Starbucks app, so I can easily upload gift cards right to my phone to use whenever I go to the store. Even if the people in your life aren’t coffee lovers, any type of gift card is an easy stuffer.
  5. Magazine Subscription: I love reading magazines. I could sit for hours in a bookstore flipping through various magazines from Bridal, to Home Design to Food and everything in between. A magazine can easily be rolled to fit in a stocking, and with a note about the subscription on it, it would be the perfect little gift for the reader in your life!
  6. Hand Lotion: Especially in the winter, there is nothing that feels better than lotion on dry, cracked hands. This Mary Kay hand lotion set is my favorite by far — it makes your hands so soft, which seems like such a treat in the middle of winter. Jody loves it too, so it can really be a gift for anyone!
  7. Stud Earrings: A girl can never have enough pairs of earrings, especially when they are this cute. With all of the parties that take place around the holidays, a cute pair of statement studs can be the perfect addition to any outfit!
  8. Lip Balm: Just like hand lotion, you can never have too much lip balm. I’m not particularly picky when it comes to my lip balm, but I love how soft eos makes my lips. The cute container is a plus too!
  9. Face Mask: When Jody is out late or gone for the night, my favorite way to relax by myself is having a glass of wine and doing a face mask treatment. Target is one of my favorite places to shop for facemasks because they have such a variety of types and scents. 
  10. Beanie: With winter officially starting just days before Christmas, a beanie is a great addition to a stocking! I just love these beanies — for every hat purchased, Love your melon donates one to a child battling cancer. There is absolutely nothing better than a gift that gives back!

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