Our Wedding Morning

I’m thrilled to finally share our wedding with you! Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some details from throughout our day, along with my regular lifestyle posts. I’m so excited to relive the best day of my life with you!

The night before, I had set my alarm to Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” for 7:30am, with the message “Get up, you’re getting married today!” I had read on another blogger’s wedding recap that she choose to set her alarm to a song to wake up to on her wedding day instead of the default buzzer and I thought that was a great idea! Since I have been a huge fan of Taylor Swift since she began her music career, it was an obvious song choice to wake up to. Of course, I woke up two hours before it was even set to go off to sunlight streaming into my room. Even though it was earlier than I planned, I was so giddy — it was finally my wedding day!

Before I started getting ready to head to the church, I had to take one final look at my vows. I had wanted to have them completed weeks before the wedding, but I could never find the exact words. I knew there was just something missing. However, as I sat there on that beautiful June morning, hours before I became a wife, I finally found the right words to promise to my soon-to-be husband as I envisioned him at the end of the aisle, and for all of the days that would follow.

Before I knew it, it was time to jump in the shower and head to the church. My wonderful hair and makeup team from Shabby Chic Salon were already there, so I slipped into my robe and welcomed the rest of my bridesmaids as they arrived. We sipped on coffee (and eventually mimosas) and listened to all of my favorite love songs as we had our hair and make up done. It was truly wonderful to spend those last few hours as a Miss in such a sweet environment!

Our videographer, Shore Films, arrived around 10:30am, which was wonderful since our photographer wasn’t arriving until later. He got some great footage of our details, and even funny clips, especially after I tried to open my eyes after get eyelashes put on! In the meantime, our flowers arrived — I was so excited to see what Emma Jean of Robin’s Nest Floral and Garden had created for me! After I saw the bouquets, adorned with the beautiful monogram ribbons, I snuck down to the sanctuary to get a glimpse of what magic was happening there. I was breathless when I saw the altar; my vision had completely come to life, better than I ever imagined. That moment, standing barefoot in the sanctuary, surrounded by beautiful flowers, might have been my biggest “Oh my gosh, I’m getting married!” moments.

Around this time, Jody and his groomsmen arrived. We had them all gather in the libary on the second floor of the church to try to prevent our two parties from running into one another. The guys enjoyed some time to hang out together, so their getting ready process didn’t seem as rushed. Per Jody’s request, a tray of Chick-Fil-A nuggets was delivered for him and the guys to eat before they started getting ready.

It started to become tricky for us to move throughout the church, so by the time Laura of Laura’s Focus arrive to start capturing pictures, each of our respective parties were confined to our rooms. She greeted me with a hug and we began to start the process of getting ready!




I had asked my mom and my sister to help me get into my dress and I’m so glad that I did. It was so special to have a few last moments as just the three of us. While we realized I never found anything borrowed (we decided the lipstick was borrowed because all of us girls ended up using it for touch-ups throughout the day), my something old was my diamond, which was from Jody’s mother’s engagement ring, my something new was my wedding dress, and my something blue was a piece of one of my dad’s shirts, with an embellishment that was on the tights that my mom wore to their wedding that we sewed inside the skirt of my dress. This was one of my favorite details from our day!Cox_0061Cox_0100Cox_0082Cox_0120Cox_0116

I had decided that I wanted to have a first look with my bridesmaids. While they had seen my dress once before when we picked out their bridesmaid dresses, I still wanted to share a sweet moment with them. The look on their faces when my sister opened the door is priceless. I love these girls so much!


I also always knew I wanted a first look with my Dad. I knew the day would be emotional for us, and I wanted to give us a chance to have a special moment before he gave me away. It was also when I gave him his gift (an embroidered handkerchief). I had been nervous for this moment, because I knew that there was a chance we’d be emotional but I’d say we held it together pretty well. 🙂


Once the first looks were over, it was time for Jody and I to have a quiet moment together before we started the ceremony. However, you’ll have to check back soon to get that story!

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