MEP to MEC: My Bridal Shower

I have not been able to stop thinking about my beautiful bridal shower that was thrown for me last weekend! It was so surreal to have so many family and friends all together in my little hometown to kick off the first wedding event. Especially after all of the other wedding events I’ve participated in this year, my shower was the first time I actually felt like the bride.

My mom, sister and wonderful bridesmaids all worked together to throw such a fun celebration full of all of my favorite things. We started the party with brunch themed menu, complete with a variety of Quiche, fruit and a biscuit bar! I had mentioned back when I had first started planning our wedding that I wanted to incorporate a biscuit bar into the day, but we later decided it wouldn’t have worked with our menu, so I was excited to see it at the shower! We played a few different games, my favorite being “How Old Was the Bride?”, which had ten different pictures of me displayed and everyone had to guess my age when each picture was taken! Come to find out, Jody actually had a role in picking those pictures out.

Each guest brought a recipe with them for my to add to my collection, which was such a fun and thoughtful idea! I loved reading through some of my family and friends’ favorite recipes and am looking forward to making them! There was also a cute display where the guests could write down date night ideas for Jody and I, so we can keep dating each other, even after the wedding!

I had such a wonderful afternoon surrounded by so many of my favorite people. I loved every minute of my shower, and the day made me even more excited to celebrate with everyone again on June 24th!

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