March 2017 Goals

Going into February, I was intimated knowing there was fewer days to get everything done that I wanted to complete, especially with a goal list this long, and a wedding to-do list even longer. However, I feel like I truly accomplished a lot of my goals and am anxious to see what else I can complete in March! Plus, there’s something about unusually warm days that motivates me even more to tackle some of the more tedious tasks (ahem, taxes). Jody and I were able to get a schedule going again now that his classes in full swing, which allowed for us dedicate uninterrupted time to spend together. Coming up, we are looking forward to several nights away this month; a girls weekend to attend a Beth Moore conference, and a trip to Virginia to celebrate our friends’ wedding! I’m hoping we will be able to slip over to Washington D.C. one day to get a peak at the Cherry Blossoms too.

February 2017 Goals

  • Book our honeymoon!
  • Read ‘Jesus Calling’ every day
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day by having a no-wedding-talk date night We celebrated by a few rounds of bowling, dinner at Olive Garden, and renting a movie to watch at home. 
  • Try 3 new healthy recipes (I’m counting this because I tried two new recipes, but ended up making one of them twice!) 
  • Send someone happy mail
  • Start devotional (picking it up today!)
  • Pick out invitations
  • File 2016 Taxes 
  • Book cake baker
  • Finish reading ‘Grace Not Perfection’ Almost! I have a few more chapters to go!

March 2017 Goals

  • Observe the Lenten season by prayer journaling 3 times a week and following this lenten devotional series.
  • Continue devotions with Jody in our preparing for marriage devotional
  • Celebrate Jody’s 26th Birthday
  • Finish reading ‘Grace Not Perfection’
  • Take a wedding trip to Virginia to celebrate the marriage of Olivia and Matt; yay!
  • Order wedding invitations
  • Complete at least two barre workouts, in addition to regular gym time

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