Our Honeymoon! Where We’re Going

Friends, I am relieved to finally share where we are headed for our honeymoon! After much discussion and research, and comparing a dozen different locations, we are excited to announce that we are going to Whitehouse, Jamaica! Can you already feel the warm Caribbean breeze? 🙂

Initially, we had planned to go to Italy, as that is a country we are both dying to explore. However, after reviewing the itinerary and date availability, we decided we would rather save that trip for one of our anniversaries, so that we don’t run the risk of being too exhausted from the wedding to fully immerse ourselves in Italian culture. We also considered a cruise, but after some thought, we decided to go with an all-inclusive resort, where relaxation and romance was at the center of our attention.

There are so many islands in the Caribbean, so narrowing it down to which country to visit was actually a bit challenging. We wanted an island that offered more than just the resort itself; where we could have a taste of the culture but still have the ability to spend the day in the blue waters. Flight times actually ended up playing a roll in our decision making — it took an entire day to get to a lot of the islands we were considering, with most of the flight times leaving only 5-6 hours after our reception ends. Because leaving the day after the wedding is important to us, the distance and flight options helped rule out several options. So, the morning after we say “I do”, we will be heading to the airport to take a direct flight to Montego Bay. Once we land, we have a 1.5 hour transfer to our resort, and if all goes according to schedule, we should have our newlywed bums in the sand exactly 24 hours after becoming husband and wife.



We are excited to see what Jamaica has to offer. Many of our friends have highly recommended Jamaica as a honeymoon destination, and we are eager to learn more about this country as neither of us have been. We are looking forward to tasting local jerk chicken, snorkeling along the shore, and hoping to climb Dunn Falls and explore a little bit off of the resort.But mostly, we are looking forward to celebrating our first few days as husband and wife!


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