the accidental first date.

After texting nonstop for a couple of weeks, Jody and I made more plans to hang out outside of tennis. After receiving the news he was accepted in an internship program at Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at VCU, we decided that we had to go get ice cream to celebrate (He was quickly learning that ice cream was the way into this girl’s heart). We planned to go to Coldstone, which was a short drive from campus. Even though I was under the assumption we were getting ice cream as just friends, I couldn’t help but be nervous to spend one-on-one time with Jody for the first time. While finishing our sweet treat, Jody asked if I knew how to drive stick-shift. I said that my dad taught me in his jeep a couple years ago, but I never really practiced. His face lit us and said “I’m going to teach you to drive my car. Come on!” In the practically empty mall parking lot, Jody convinced me to drive his car, even though I was SO nervous that I would embarrass myself in front of him. A not-so-terrible practice lesson and lots of laughs later, we realized neither one of us were ready to end the night. Jody suggested we go catch a movie across the street. After looking at what was showing, he suggested we go see Scary Movie 5 (This was a terrible suggestion. Even he will agree), but there was still 45 minutes until the film started. We hung out in the lobby of the theater, learning that we both love people watching. I still couldn’t figure out why conversations with him came so easy. Our original 30 minute ice cream mini celebration turned into our first date without us even knowing.

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