how we met.

fullsizerenderIn my previous post, I announced that I am engaged, and am getting married in June 2017! Over the course of the next few months, I will be posting the progress of our wedding planning, and what is a better way to begin than the story of how my beau and I met.

In the spring of 2012, Jody and I met at Randolph-Macon College through the tennis program at the school. I was a freshman, and Jody was in his junior year of college. Our two teams didn’t interact very often, but as we practiced at the same time, Jody still managed to ask his teammate, “Who is that girl over there with the ribbon in her hair?”
Over that summer, Jody would post about once a week on my Facebook page with goofy pictures, and mostly, random variations of my name (i.e. Parks and Rec, MoPar, Morrrrrrrrghan). I thought he was super funny, and I wondered why I didn’t know him any better than “that guy on the tennis team who parks in the only spot closer than the handicap parking spot and has a creepy mask on his passenger’s seat headrest”.
Fall came and went, as did our few, far and in between interactions. However, right before I left for my four weeks abroad in Europe, Jody messaged me on Facebook, just to chat. I told him I was about to leave for my trip and wouldn’t have access to my phone, but I would message him if I ever had a good wifi signal (It didn’t happen very often). I was surprised within a day of me returning to the states, to get a text from him asking all about my trip!
As the spring semester of 2013 began, we quickly grew to be close friends. We both were captains of our respective tennis teams and played #4 Singles — which worked to our benefit because that meant we were able to play on courts near each other! During his portion of the tennis spring break trip that year, I decided to surprise him and show up at his match as he was playing a college not too far from my house. We owe everything we have to the sport that led us to each other!

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