October Goals

Happy October, friends! It seems, more than ever before, I was truly counting down the days until October 1st. The arrival of Autumn is always so sweet and the activities that fill our days are some of my favorites of the year. Especially this year, I am so thrilled to share this new season with Emerson! We already took her on her first camping trip (which was a major success!) and will be heading to the mountains with friends this weekend to revisit a tradition Jody and I started in college. And if the weather holds and sites open, we are hopeful to pull out our camping gear one more time before the end of the season!

The new season must have also delivered a burst of energy because the number of goals I set for this month is more than any other month this year – I quite literally ran out of space in my brain and Powersheets! So, I am looking at these goals with the intention that while it would be great to complete all of the tasks listed below, it will be just as good to make a little progress in these areas. I’m still trying to figure out the balance between motherhood, marriage, work, health, and relaxation; this month will be considered a test-run to see what’s realistic and what’s not!

September Goals:

  1. Complete Prep Work Refresh in Powersheets.
  2. Take Emerson’s 3-month picture.
  3. Reassess my passions with help from family & friends. I didn’t complete this goal but I made progress.
  4. Joyfully visit (& travel!) with loved ones.
  5. Plan fall trips and activities.
  6. Read 2 books.
  7. Journal in Emerson’s baby books. Made progress on this one too. Hoping to catch up this month.

October Goals

  1. Read advice from other mamas on finding balance.
  2. Find ways to utilize time in the mornings.
  3. Complete passions and purpose assessment.
  4. Read ‘How to Be a Good Stewart of Your Finances’ devotion.
  5. Reorganize garage.
  6. Take Emerson on her first camping trip.
  7. Relax during weekend in the mountains.
  8. Take Emerson’s 4 month picture.
  9. Decorate for fall.

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