September Goals

And just like that, we are back into the ‘old daily grind’. Except, the ‘old daily grind’ is a completely new routine and emotional journey. I’m happy to report I survived my reentry into the workforce but I am living solely for those home-from-work snuggles from Emerson.

I also feel like we reentered the world, as we had our first night away from home since Emerson was born. At the beginning of the month, we traveled to the Hamptons to celebrate my sister and future brother-in-law’s engagement. Emerson handled Labor Day Weekend traffic like a pro and Jody and I are thrilled to continue to venture out and explore the world with her.

August Goals:

  1. Establish a morning routine.
  2. Find a new coffee maker.
  3. Schedule massage.
  4. Book sunset sail with JBC.
  5. Brainstorm working mama expectations.
  6. Take Emerson’s 2-month picture.
  7. Go on a family ice cream outing.

September Goals:

  1. Complete Prep Work Refresh in Powersheets.
  2. Take Emerson’s 3-month picture.
  3. Reassess my passions with help from family & friends.
  4. Joyfully visit (& travel!) with loved ones.
  5. Plan fall trips and activities.
  6. Read 2 books.
  7. Journal in Emerson’s baby books.

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