August Goals

August is always a bittersweet month for me. I often greet it with optimism and excitement for another month of some of my favorite summer activities – laying by the pool, indulging in cool treats, countless glasses of crisp cold rosé, and warm nights spent under the lights on our patio. But looming in the back of my mind is the ticking countdown until the end of summer, typically corresponding with the start of another school year. While I have grown to love the season ahead, I still struggle with saying goodbye to the carefree, long days of summertime.

This summer has looked totally different, but still these similar feelings exist. My days have been mostly spent inside, full of baby snuggles, diaper changes and an abundance of grace dished out. Morning coffee has been sipped next to a smiley baby, daily walks now have a stroller in tow, and afternoons alternate between relaxing in the breeze on the porch and hiding from the sweltering heat near the tv. And while I am very much tired of spending my days as the living room couch as my command post, my heart breaks knowing that in two short weeks, when I return to work, there is no place I’d would rather be.

Coming to August to me means coming to the end of maternity leave. While I’m grateful for the time I’ve had at home, I am no way ready for it to end. So even though my stomach is in knots as I type knowing that I will soon have to face reality, I yearn to make the most of the time I do have left at home with Emerson. My hope is to spend it making sweet summer memories as a family of three, but also make the effort to invest in a little time to recharge and rest so that this mama is ready for the next chapter ahead.

July Goals:

  1. Find maternity leave rhythm.
  2. Schedule postpartum appointments.
  3. Adjust to breastfeeding challenges.
  4. Complete newborn photo session.
  5. Order birth announcements.

August Goals:

  1. Establish a morning routine.
  2. Find a new coffee maker. (I’m looking for a small one that I can set to automatically brew each morning – suggestions welcomed!)
  3. Schedule massage.
  4. Book sunset sail with JBC.
  5. Brainstorm working mama expectations.
  6. Take Emerson’s 2-month picture.
  7. Go on a family ice cream outing.

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