My French Market Baby Shower

The hostesses-with-the-mostest, my mom and sister, were eager to start planning my baby shower soon after learning that our family was growing and despite my adoration for parties and celebrations, I had no interest in being involved in the planning. With all of the other decisions and tasks I needed to do to prepare for Baby Cox, I knew myself well enough to know I didn’t need to add more to that plate. So with that, I gave them a few ideas of cute themes I’ve seen before and turned them loose to brainstorm and plan the shower.

While I would have been thrilled with any theme, I melted when they shared what they came up with through the invitation design (those of you who are longtime readers from my wedding planning days may remember how I swoon over paper products!). The theme was a French market, all inspired by a trip we took to Nice in southern France many years ago. The invitations, adorned with a baby carriage suggested little french flair, with the plans for the shower was to be full of breads, cheeses and fresh flowers. During the shower, we played a few games, including baby predictions, completed prayer card for the baby, decorated wooden blocks for the nursery, and created flower bouquets to take home. They planned such a beautiful and thoughtful party, and it was such a special way to celebrate the arrival of our little bébé with women who have shown us so much love and support over the course of our pregnancy. I’m so grateful for these pictures to remember such a sweet celebration!

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