May Goals

Whew! April was such a busy month and the first two weeks of May haven’t been much different. They’ve been filled with so much joy and celebration, from Easter to my baby shower, as well as a little rest during our camping trip, but we have been consistently on the go. To add to the celebration, my sister got engaged, my work threw me a surprise baby shower, one of my best friends came to visit, I spend a night away with my mom and sister, which brings us to this week of in going celebrations in honor of my mom. We started with Mothers Day on Sunday, her birthday on Wednesday, and today, we are throwing her a retirement party as she wraps up her teaching career at the end of this school year! I don’t want to call it being busy because the past six weeks have been filled with so much goodness that I feel fortunate to celebrate, but this mama is tired!

As we look towards the second half of this month, we are anxious to put the finishing touches on the nursery, purchase the remaining baby items we need, and really get ready to bring baby home. We still have six weeks to go, so hopefully we will be productive, and maybe even be able to enjoy the spring weather – if it ever stops raining, that is!

A sneak peek from my baby shower last month!

April Goals

  1. Attend Labor & Delivery and Newborn Care classes.
  2. Find pediatrician.
  3. Finish setting up nursery.
  4. Meet with replacement to discuss leave expectations.
  5. Book photographer for Maternity and Newborn pictures.
  6. Celebrate Baby Cox at my baby shower!
  7. Send baby shower thank you’s.
  8. Enjoy time unplugged on our camping trip.

May Goals

  1. Attend breastfeeding class.
  2. Mail baby shower thank you’s.
  3. Get maternity pictures taken.
  4. Organize work tasks to prepare for leave.
  5. Install car seat and pack hospital bag.
  6. Tend to garden and patio florals.
  7. Finish reading “Bringing Up Bébé”.
  8. Purchase remaining baby items needed.
  9. Celebrate Mom!

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