2022 Goals

Admittedly, curating my goals for 2022 was a bit of a challenge this year! I knew the little steps I wanted to take, but categorizing them into realistic, achievable, big pictures goals proved to be more of a struggle than I anticipated. Perhaps I thought too hard about it, especially planning for the second half of the year, which will look entirely different from the first – it is hard to intentionally prepare for a season you have yet to experience! But at last, I am finally here to share my 2022 goals, albeit, with the potential to be adjusted as needed.

Even though it has taken me until now to share my goals with you here, I have been working through some of those aforementioned steps to continue to make progress while trying to wrap my head around how vastly different this year will be. And now that I have a better handle on that (and the initial shock of “holy cow, I’m going to be a mama!” has worn off!), I am thrilled to share my 2022 Goals with you!

  1. Prepare well for life as a new mama. Not surprisingly, this goal is one of my top priorities this year. Between continuing to have a healthy pregnancy through exercise and smart eating choices, a little self care, and completing some checklist items that need to be done prior to baby’s arrival, I recognize the need to take care of myself in order to be best prepared to care for our child. Some action steps include scheduling our birthing class, creating a registry, soaking up one-on-one time while it is still just Jody and I, and finding time to pamper myself a bit.
  2. Establish new rhythms and routines for our family. With as many life changes that are expected this year, I hope to be able to establish new routines that will benefit our family. Some action steps include creating a regularly scheduled date night with Jody, choosing what church will be best for our family, completing more devotions, and establishing a daily routine once baby is in tow.
  3. Assess my passions, skills + purpose. For some time now, it has been on my heart to reevaluate my passions and how they might play into my greater purpose. Perhaps this is the most insane year to add this hefty goal to, but personally, I don’t think it could come at a better time. Some action steps include curating a list of my passion projects, prayerfully consider my calling, and update my resume.
  4. Cultivate an home environment that serves us in this season. House projects are starting to feel like a never-ending chore, however, we still have spaces we’d like to improve and other smaller tasks that need to be done. Despite how long some of these projects will take, we know we will have a lot of time at home this year and want to make our space serve us well in this season, as well as intentional financial planning. Some action steps include powerwashing the house, fixing a broken cabinet, creating our will, design the nursey and create a functional guest room/ office space.
  5. Delight in rest and simple joys. The biggest advice I’ve read so far in terms of preparing for motherhood is to rest and set low expectations – two things that, admittedly, are challenging for me to do. However, I know that allowing time for myself to rest will help me become the type of parent that I want to be so my final goal for this season is to find joy in simplicity and rest. Some action steps for this include providing myself with grace if allthethings don’t get done, accept help when it is offered and indulge in more pastries 🙂

I do want to note that while my goal updates aren’t the most-favorited posts that I share, I do plan to keep sharing them. Partially, it helps to keep me accountable, but also, I want for it to inspire you, should any of you be working through your goals of your own. Having a community to share in the successes and struggles makes working to curate a life that you love even more compelling. If so, I’d love to cheer you on! You can share some of the goals you’re working on this year in the comments or on my social media pages.

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