November Goals

We are in the final stretch of the year, and more excitingly, the eve of the holiday season! I’m honestly shocked by how fast November has already gone – it is already the 12th and I am just now getting around to sharing my goals for the month. Thankfully, I’ve been making progress on them over the past week and a half, and I’m anxious to see how much I can complete in preparation for the holidays.

We have a lot of good that is happening this month! Jody and I were finally able to get a date together to take my grandparents out to dinner – a gift we gifted for Christmas right before the pandemic, and it was such a sweet evening. After having a busier than usual October, we also have been giddy about a low-key start to November, which means lots of pizza and game nights (see goal #2 below!). We are hosting Thanksgiving for our families again this year, and are looking forward to spending time all together and then, of course, the official start to the holiday season. This month is basically nothing but a countdown but I truly could not be more excited.

October Goals

  1. Read “Present Over Perfect”.
  2. Spend time with JBC working through our Couples Activity Book.
  3. Complete four core-focused workouts.
  4. Schedule plan and deadlines for complete next photo album.
  5. Enjoy the changing weather by dining al freso, bonfires and coffee & cocktails on the porch.
  6. Help coordinate a surprise party for a friend!
  7. Create Dining Room inspiration board and purchase two new light fixtures for our downstairs.
  8. Curate a strategic plan for blog’s future. 

November Goals

  1. Keep gratitude at the forefront of this season and prepare for Advent.
  2. Channel our playful side through games with JBC.
  3. Walk 135 miles this month.
  4. Design and journal next photo album.
  5. Finish reading two books.
  6. Host family for Thanksgiving and choose Christmas cards.
  7. Order a new fridge and replace light fixture.
  8. Plan relaunch for blog.

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