April Goals

Happy April, friends! I hope y’all had a lovely Easter. It was such beautiful Easter Sunday here. Jody and I indulged in these sweet bunny cinnamon rolls before church and then soaked in the sunshine at my aunt and uncle’s for Easter dinner. Such a happy day and wonderful start to April!

My goals in March were not as productive as I had hoped but we had a bit of a busier month than I originally anticipated. Even so, I booked our spring camping trip, started our pantry update project, and reinstated weekly date nights with Jody. Looking to April, I plan to continue progress on our bedroom, finish the pantry and schedule some other house maintenance and improvements. I have most of my energy focused on these projects this month but hope to take advantage on the warming weather with more dinners on the patio and afternoons spent reading outdoors.

March Goals:

  1. Complete a Lenten-themed activity each week
  2. Schedule weekly date nights and celebrate JBC’s 30th birthday! 
  3. Read ‘Rhythms of Renewal’ 
  4. Add four patches to my patch blanket
  5. Book our spring camping trip
  6. Choose new bedroom furniture and update the pantry
  7. Reach out to friends I haven’t talked to lately
  8. Brainstorm Quarter 2 content for the blog 

April Goals:

  1. Celebrate Easter and start working through Prayer Project journal again.
  2. Celebrate Jody’s 30th in Kentucky and book our anniversary trip in June
  3. Use online workout classes and walking to close all 3 rings on my Apple Watch 20 days this month.
  4. Add ten patches to patch blanket.
  5. Finish reading “Rhythms of Renewal” and “Such a Fun Age”
  6. Leave a surcee for a different friend each week.
  7. Order bed, mattress and furniture for master bedroom.
  8. Schedule HVAC and sliding glass replacements (super exciting, I know!)
  9. Research blogging courses and register for one.

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