A Front Door Refresh

Last weekend, I tackled a project that has been on my list since we first moved into our house: repainting our front door. I wasn’t a huge fan of the color (it is really hard to find a Christmas wreath for a green door!) and the paint strokes were very noticeable. Because of the other projects we tackled immediately upon move in, I decided to put off this project until the spring. Spring became summer, summer became fall, and I knew I just needed to bite the bullet and make it happen, otherwise it will be another holiday season with a green door, green wreath situation. Here’s a before look at our door:

While I would LOVE to paint my door a beautiful pastel pink or coral, I think that would look better on a house with a little more character than in our suburban neighborhood. I have also been very into the deep blue color trend and thought blue would bring a bit of a traditional, yet modern touch on our home. After flipping through multiple paint chips, I settle on “Dark Night” by Sherwin Williams.

I did do a little research before starting this project, but was quickly reassured that this was relatively a simple project. After gathering my supplies – a Purdy paint brush, rollers, paint tray, and paint – I was ready to get started!

Before painting, I suggest removing the hardware on your door. There are a lot of little screws to keep track of, some of which are hidden, but I found it relatively easy to remove. Also, be sure to wipe your door down to remove any dust before you start painting.

Because of the color I chose, I decided not to prim my door before painting, rather, opted to cover the original color with two coats of the dark blue. I first painted the indentations with my brush before rolling the rest of the door. The trickiest part was ensuring that every spot was covered, since the lighting wasn’t great on the front of the house at the time I was painting, but having Jody to be a second pair of eyes helped! Two coats later, our door looked brand-new! Here is a look at the final product:

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