February Goals

January always seems to last ten times longer than any other month of the year. I don’t know if it’s because it is so hard to get back in the groove after the holidays, the bleak January weather (although, here in the Mid-Atlantic, it actually pretty mild!) or the empty schedules following constant movement in December. Either way, cheers y’all! We survived the longest month of the year!

February is typically such a fun month. In my area, we tend to get more snow in February (although, that is not looking promising for this girl in dire need of a snow day!), everything is pink and red for Valentine’s Day, and often, there is celebrations – the Superbowl, National Pizza Day, Valentine’s Day, and my father-in-law and sister’s birthdays.

Because I intentionally didn’t set many goals for January, I ended up piling more on my plate for February. I’m not sure if I’ll accomplish them all, but I’m hoping to make progress in each area. I’ve already taken some good steps forward with them, too! What are some of the things that you are working on this month?

My monthly goals stem from the 2020 goals I set using my PowerSheets!

January Goals

  • Take down Christmas decor
  • Complete Powersheets Prep Work
  • Invite friends over for dinner and plan for Superbowl Party
  • Set 2020 Yearly Goals + post on blog
  • Buy new everyday pillows and rugs

February Goals

  • Chose Lenten fast or how I will observe Lent this year.
  • Order bulk celebration cards and celebrate Valentine’s Day!
  • Finish reading “Something In the Water” and participate in a barre, yoga or strengthen class.
  • [Keeping this goal a secret for now] and set deadline to complete “Italy” album and work on it.
  • Create cleaning schedule and make decision about fireplace for living room.
  • Plan out blog content for quarter and post at least once a week.
  • Find way to track expenses in 2020 and attend Financial Advisor seminar.
  • Extra fun goal: Book spring travel and summer vacation!

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