July Goals

Whoa! Writing this, I finally feel like I am taking a break to breathe. If you have been following along with me on Instagram or my Goals posts, you may have noticed what a jam-packed 8 weeks it has been. We had many celebrations over the course of the past two months – my mom’s birthday, Jody’s graduation, my dad’s retirement, my birthday, and our 2nd wedding anniversary. We’ve had many work-related events, too. And on top of all of this, Jody and I returned from our 10-day vacation last Sunday to leave again on Thursday for a long weekend in Richmond to attend our dear friends’ gender reveal for their little babe due later this fall. It’s a girl, y’all, and we are so thrilled to be this little one’s godparents!!

Through all that celebrating, my heart is bursting but admittedly, I am looking forward to a few slower weeks to really soak in the long days of summer. I have been inspired to have summer still feel like summer, with more room for fun than to do’s, so I have adjusted some of my goals that seem like “big ideas” to a little bit smaller steps, which I hope will encourage me a little more to tackle the scary ones.

A sneak peek into our trip to Alaska – more coming soon!

June Goals:

  1. Find a short devotion to do during coffee time this summer.
  2. Celebrate two wonderful years of marriage with my husband!
  3. Finish reading “Girls in White Dresses” and “Whiskey in a Tea Cup” before going on vacation!
  4. Post the Newlywed Home apartment tour and eat as many dinners on the porch as possible this month.
  5. Update our expenses as we transition to a two-income household! I am moving this one to July because Jody did not receive his first paycheck until we returned from vacation. 
  6. Walk every day! I’m counting this one because there were only one or two days that I didn’t walk or get 10,000 steps. Woo!
  7. Read tips on landscape photography and finish final edits in our honeymoon album.

July Goals:

  1. Spend time in my new Write the Word journal and listen to Christian-inspired podcasts while walking or driving.
  2. Create a list of dates and adventures that Jody and I want to do before the end of summer.
  3. Finish my 7th out of 12 books from my 2019 Reading List.
  4. Try a new, summer-inspired, recipe each week.
  5. Update our expenses as we transition to a two-income household.
  6. Complete one Tone It Up workout a week, in addition to my weekly walking goal.
  7. Finish Honeymoon album and compile pictures for our Italy album.

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