May Goals

I can’t believe we are almost a week into May already! We ended April with a whirlwind of a trip to Raleigh to visit some of our best friends immediately following my work trip to Baltimore. Suddenly, it was May — I had a big weekend work event and entered the busiest eight weeks of the year, both at work and home. And just like that, we got so busy as quickly as the month came upon us.

Even though most of this month will be a whirlwind, which is quite different than the first few months of 2019, I am so excited. The school year is winding down, the weather has been gorgeous, and we have lots of upcoming celebrations in the next few weeks. This being said, I’m not sure how many of my goals will be realistic to check off this month, so I’m going to curate my goals to hopefully help me accomplish what needs to get done this month, as well as work towards my bigger goals of the year.


April Goals:

  1. Continue to observe Lent and prepare my heart for Holy Week and a joyous Easter celebration!
  2. Support, encourage and pray for Jody as he prepares to take his MSW licensing exam later this month. Thanks for your prayers, friends! Jody passed his exam! We are so thrilled!
  3. Spend 30 minutes to an hour reading prior to starting nightly routines to help me choose a book over TV 🙂 I did so good that I finished my book and then never got around to buying another!
  4. Complete spring cleaning around our house, and celebrate by repotting our mini herb garden and decorate the front steps with flowers. I’m half checking this one off, although it deserves more than that. We did thoroughly clean everything, except our screened porch. Hoping to get to that later this week! 
  5. Make final payments for our vacation this summer and budget for excursions.
  6. Walk to 10,000 steps every day and do 2-3 Studio Tone It Up workouts a week. I dropped the ball on the workouts this month but eagerly looking forward to a fresh start in May!
  7. Finish journaling our Honeymoon album and start scrapbooking 2016.

May Goals:

  1. Prayfully turn to God as we work through some decisions this month.
  2. Celebrate Jody’s graduation from grad school!!!
  3. Take advantage of our screened in porch and read two books off of my Reading List. 
  4. Blog a tour of our Newlywed apartment, feature our favorite spaces in our first home together.
  5. Book hotel room for vacation and set aside money for two excursions on vacation.
  6. Workout at least once a week, in addition to walking.
  7. Finish final edits in our Honeymoon album and start scrapbooking our trip to Italy.


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