April Goals

Hello April! I’ve always said that April is my favorite month of the year, next to June, of course! There is something so charming about watching the trees and flowers start to bud and then suddenly, the world is full of color again. I seriously can’t get over it.

It seems like our schedule tends to come more alive this time of year, too. After having several months with minimal plans, our weekends are starting to bulk up! While I have loved the lazy weekends at home, I’m ready to get back outside and see all the things in the coming weeks.

Jody and I had an interesting March. After celebrating some exciting news for him at the beginning of the month (complete with tacos and margaritas), we decided to cut back on spending for the remainder of the month. We have the final payment for our vacation coming up, so we thought it was best to cut back a bit. It was a bit of challenge, especially since we love to go out for dinner and drinks on the weekends, but we were impressed by how much we could save. Plus, I had a bit of extra motivation — I had a surprise trip planned for Jody’s birthday that he knew nothing about! More to come on our birthday weekend getaway soon.

As for April, we are looking forward to a couple of things that we have planned. While it won’t be a super crazy month as Jody will be sitting for his licensing exam for his LCSW in a few weeks, we are looking forward to the annual Food Truck Competition back at our reception venue this weekend, spending a day in D.C., celebrating Easter with family and possibly road tripping to see my college BFF and her husband at the end of the month. I can’t think of a better way to bring in the warm weather!

The Cherry Blossoms were beginning to bud around the Tidal Basin in D.C. when we visited a few weeks ago!

March Goals:

  1. Decide how I am going to observe Lent and set reminders to force me to follow through.
  2. Celebrate Jody’s 28th birthday!!
  3. Finish reading Uninvited and start “5 Love Languages” (carried over from last month) and create my 2019 Reading List.
  4. Ruthlessly declutter our home office. (Yikes!)
  5. Create a plan to save for the next expense and file our 2018 taxes.
  6. Find ways to move my body every day — walking, going to the gym, or Tone It Up workouts at home!
  7. Finish our honeymoon album and start project #2.

April Goals:

  1. Continue to observe Lent and prepare my heart for Holy Week and a joyous Easter celebration!
  2. Support, encourage, and pray for Jody as he prepares to take his MSW licensing exam later this month.
  3. Spend 30 minutes to an hour reading prior to starting nightly routines to help me choose a book over TV 🙂
  4. Complete spring cleaning around our house, and celebrate by repotting our mini herb garden and decorate the front steps with flowers.
  5. Make final payments for our vacation this summer and budget for excursions.
  6. Walk to 10,000 steps every day and do 2-3 Studio Tone It Up workouts a week.
  7. Finish journaling our Honeymoon album and start scrapbooking 2016.

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