October Goals

I recently heard someone say that October is the Friday of the holiday season, and I couldn’t agree more. I think October get overlooked since it is sandwiched in between the end of summer and the start of the holiday season, but October has so much to offer, it really should be one of the top months of the year! Between the warmer days and cooler nights, spice everything, and the beginning of the all-things-cozy season, October couldn’t be better. Plus, is it just me or does October offer the most beautiful sunsets of the entire year?!

Jody and I had a great September and kickoff to fall. We spend Labor Day Weekend around our house, leaving only to attend a few cookouts at our friends’ homes. I spent a weekend in New York City visiting my sister for our 2nd Annual Sister’s Weekend, while Jody visited friends and family in Richmond. We took a day trip to the beach, but didn’t even stay long enough to get Thrashers. Our dear college friends got married out in the mountains, which allowed us to not only attend, but also spend a weekend with one of my bestie’s and her hubby. We wrapped up September by finally attending my dad’s Orioles game Father’s Day gift and spending the weekend around home.

Jody and I are heading back to New York this weekend to meet up with some friends that we met during our trip to Italy! Later this month we are heading down to Ashland for our college’s homecoming, and may go camping before the weather gets too cold. Of course, we have a lot of fall activities planned over the course of the next few weeks, including 31 Nights of Halloween 🙂 Happy Fall, Y’all!


September Goals

  • Complete our Couples Goal Guide with Jody
  • Reevaluate our finances and create a budget to help us stick to our financial goals
  • Spend 5-10 minutes every morning and evening picking up around the house to keep it clean
  • Invest in my blog to continue to be able to post about our life
  • Work towards my goal of walking 10,000 steps and drinking 64 oz of water every day I didn’t accomplish this every day, but it was always on my mind to make sure I continued to work towards it, so I count that as a success!
  • Decorate our house for fall! (not until Sept. 23rd though :))

October Goals

  • Complete our Couples Goal Guide with Jody
  • Participate in Tone It Up’s 31 Day Fall Challenge
  • Send happy mail to someone 🙂 and share the joy of a new baby with one of my best friends
  • Finish A Simplified Life (and complete Emily’s tips and tricks!) and read Behind Closed Doors
  • Decide on winter travel plans with Jody and start saving
  • Start planning for holiday shopping by creating a budget and gift list
  • Do one “fall themed” activity a week
  • Set aside scheduled time to work on Blissful Moments

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