February Goals

Perhaps it is because I didn’t have a planner for the entire month of January, so I couldn’t visibly see the month pass by, but I’m pretty sure that was the fastest January on record. Admittedly, I’m not super happy with my goals progress this month, but progress is more important than perfection.

As we look ahead to February, I hope that I am able to really invest some time into making these goals a reality to continue to cultivate a life that is centered on those things that matter. I already know it’s going to be a busy month, but I’m hoping these goals will help me focus and utilize my time well.

January Goals

  • Help Jody set our 2018 financial goals
  • Make my reading list for 2018
  • Get back into an exercise routine
  • Start my prayer journal
  • Create content schedule for the blog in January and February
  • Invest in updated necessities to encourage goals — order new glasses, buy a new water bottle, and purchase new laptop I’m considering this two-thirds checked. I bought myself a new water bottle (and now am drinking more water!) and ordered my new glasses but still need to bite the bullet on the laptop. 
  • Read “A Magnolia Story” by Chip and Joanna Gaines I haven’t finished it yet, but it’s so good so far
  • Complete a purge my closet and sell or donate clothes I don’t wear

February Goals

  • Start my prayer journal and find a Lenten devotional study to follow
  • Finish “A Magnolia Story” and start a new book off of my reading list
  • Try one new recipe a week (Similar to what I did last summer, which you can read about here!)
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with my husband
  • Go through my closet one more time and be honest about what I’m not wearing
  • Celebrate someone’s special birthday with joy and gratitude
  • Purchase the laptop and new planner (a little embarrassed that I haven’t done this yet!)
  • Book our anniversary trip

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