Winter Decor after the Holidays

I’m pretty confident that the day that I take down my Christmas decorations is singlehandedly the worst day of the year. The house seems so empty, the walls seem bare, and the railings that I don’t notice for 11 months out of the year seem especially sad. It is just depressing to look at remembering the joy and warmth that filled the rooms just days prior.

I’ve always assumed that when it comes time to take the tree down, we would just return the decor that we had out prior to decorating season to its original place. But if you recall the last time you didn’t have some type of seasonal decor out (ahem, summer), using that just seems a little overeager in the beginning weeks of January. Even our Carolina blue throw pillows seems too bright and cheery for twenty degree weather! So over the past few days, I’ve been scrolling through ideas for winter decor to display after the holidays and I thought I would share them with you!

Winter Counter // Pine Stem Greenery // Cozy Blankets // Silver White Winters Mantle // Let It Snow // White Winter Living Room // Wintery Entryway

I love the idea of whiting out as much as possible to give the feel of a snowy, white, cozy day. I’ve been replacing all of our holiday throw blankets and pillows with soft, textured pillows rather than bringing in our blue throw pillows this soon. Adding some easy seasonal decor such as pinecones and snowflakes are a great way to add to the wintery wonderland theme. If your able, I suggest keeping some greenery in your space to add a pop of color and a bit of texture. Of course, a wreath is an easy, but effective place to start. I even decided to keep our small flocked tree on our bar cart to bring a bit of the outdoors in!

Do you keep decor up for the remainder of winter or do you completely strip everything down for a fresh, clean slate to start the new year? I’d love to hear more of your ideas and suggestions and how you like to decorate your home! Let me know in the comments below!

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