December Goals

I always have the best intentions for the month of December, but it doesn’t always work the way I have in mind (ahem, post December Goals a week late). This Christmas season, rather than getting overwhelmed and frustrated when something doesn’t go the way I anticipated, I’m trying to embrace the change rather than letting it ruin the whole season. More so this year than years past, I want to wholeheartedly enjoy everything this season has to offer, which sometimes means letting go of the things that could be different.

Here is an example for you. Every year, I help in the process of the Christmas cookie baking tradition in my family. It usually takes place the day after Thanksgiving, but because Jody and I were celebrating with my in-laws, my contribution of the baking had to wait. The other night I mixed up my favorite Spritz cookies and when I went to mix the food coloring in, I realized my dyes got lost in the move. Admittedly, this was nearing 9:30pm and I was not thrilled about having to run to the store that late. After throwing my boots on and not-so-gracefully yanking my coat out of the closet, I made it to the sidewalk when I asked myself “Why are you doing this?”

“Because,” I thought, “We ALWAYS have colored spritz cookies”.

In that moment, I (thankfully) realized how silly that statement sounded. This is a different year, a different Christmas than before. I get to start new traditions with my hubby this year, and maybe that doesn’t have to include colored Spritz Christmas Cookies. It doesn’t have to include watching the same Christmas movie on Christmas Eve as I have in the past. All it has to include is family, my husband and celebrating the birth of Christ.

I shared that with the hope that my story helps to simplify your Christmas season. Rather than focusing on the materialistic wishes and unrealistic goals, I hope you focus on those around you and taking time to cuddle up on the couch with some hot cocoa (apple cider for me!) and watch every cheesy, beautiful Hallmark movie every created.

Of course, I can’t end my last goal post of the year without sharing some of my “potentially attainable” goals for this season 😉 Happy Christmas Season friends!


November Goals

  • Keep a list of what I am grateful for each day this month
  • Go to church, either a new to us one or one we’ve attended before
  • Pray over our Operation Christmas Child shoebox and send it off 
  • Get all of my Christmas shopping done (I only have a few things left to purchase so I consider this a half-success!)
  • Host friends for our Housewarming Party
  • Get back to the gym at least once a week

December Goals

  • Mail our first Christmas card
  • Stay active throughout this busy month
  • Start our Christmas ornament tradition
  • Love our friends and family well this season
  • Remember the real meaning of Christmas (this requires watching “The Nativity” at least once!)
  • Celebrate Christmas with our family
  • Celebrate six months of marriage in Charleston

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