The Details

We attended a wedding late last summer that had the cutest placecards at their reception. They named each table after a location or event that the bride or groom knew that table of guests from. Our placecard said “Andy’s Bar”, which was a local bar in the town we all went to college in. It was such a simple detail that allowed all of us to reminisce on fun college memories together.

My favorite weddings are the ones with personal details that are meaningful to the couple and when I think of meaningful wedding details, that wedding from last summer is the first to come to mind. While I still plan to keep most details of the look and feel of our wedding a surprise for our family and friends, I thought I’d share a couple of sweet details that we are planning to incorporate into our day!

  1. Jody says that he first noticed me by the ribbon I’d always wear in my hair at tennis matches during college. We often think back to those ribbons and attribute us getting to know each other by that introductory ribbon. On our wedding day, ribbons will be incorporated throughout the day — with flowers, on pew decor and on the tables at the reception– as a sweet reminder of when we met.984a6df98de27b08724e5ac96571ad9a
  2. We love the outdoors, especially on warm summer nights. We love having bonfires, or sipping on something sweet on the back porch. Although we decided on indoor venues for our ceremony and reception (my track record with rain on big event in my life is not promising), we love the fact that our venue has an outdoor option! Just like we spend many summer evenings, our guests are going to enjoy sipping on their drink of choice, and munching on some hors d’oeuvres during our cocktail hour on the patio of our reception venue. They may even enjoy competing in some fun yard games throughout the evening as well 😉
  3. Photography has been one of our favorite hobbies to do together! Between exploring Richmond, taking pictures as we go, and starting a small photography business together, pictures have consistently been there throughout our relationship. We plan to reflect this by including pictures and picture frames through decor and our guestbook. It will so surreal to be surrounded by pictures of where the past four years has brought us!

There will be many more details at our wedding, but you will have to wait until after June 24th to hear about them!

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