How We Asked Our Bridal Party

Towards the beginning of our engagement, Jody and I frequently discussed our bridal party. For the most part, we knew who we were going to ask, but wanted to do it in a fun little way! I always loved the idea of a brunch and asking everyone at the same time, but knowing that our siblings and friends live all over the east coast, we knew that wasn’t realistic. So our plan was to hand deliver what we could and then mail the others– all within the same week!

After scrolling through Pinterest, I found some amazing ideas! I knew I wanted to include something that the girls will be able to use on the day of the wedding, and some sweet treats. I originally intended to find cute baskets to hold their gifts, but ended up finding gift bags that completely matched the wedding, down to the soft pink peonies that were beautifully painted on the sides. I also included a heartfelt note describing why it would be so special to me if they would say yes! Take a look:


Ah! Every time I look at these, my eyes turn into heart emojis! I just love how cute these hangers turned out, with their names, role in the wedding, and the wedding date. It makes me all emotional to see the picture of me and my best gals — for my sister’s, I used the picture from my aunt’s wedding when we were her flower girls! I can’t wait to see how they look with the gowns hanging on them. And these cookies! Not only do they taste good, but gosh, Amy is just so talented at what she does. I asked her to make these right after I got engaged, and she took my vision and they turned out better than I could have ever imagined (If you are in need of super cute cookies, check her out here). Of course, I couldn’t resist a little pink bubbly. I was able to ask all of my girls within a week and a half and it was so exciting to officially know who would be standing by my side. I’m so grateful they said yes!

I couldn’t post this without a shout out to my future hubby. He came up with such a great idea to ask his friends, too. Sweet, simple, to the point and perfect for a group of gents. Admittedly, I was a little jealous when I saw how they turned out!


While organizing all of the sweet treats was fun and exciting, I was more thrilled about them saying yes to being a part of our big day, and I know Jody felt the same as well. We love y’all and can’t wait to celebrate!




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