2017 Goals

image1Happy New Year, friends! There is something about counting down to the new year that fills me with hope, inspiration, and excitement for the unknown of the upcoming year. At the beginning of 2016, I decided to write down my year-long goals, with the plan to refer back to them at the beginning of each month, as I decide what I want to focus on as my monthly goal, which I kept recorded in my planner. Here’s a recap of what I wanted to accomplish and focus on in 2016:

  • Be HappyWhile this is a very broad goal, having this at the top of my 2016 New Year’s Resolutions worked to keep this the overall focus of my year. In retrospect, this goal was hard to measure whether it was successful, but I definitely think it helped shaped the rest of my goals. 
  • Find Good In Every Situation. This goal was put to the test in the last month of 2016. It was a hard few weeks for our family, and keeping this in mind definitely helped keep everyone’s spirits high, when it would have been easier to focus on the bad. 
  • Be Healthy. I loved this goal! Without having a number of pounds to lose, or a number of times to go to the gym, the lack of pressure to meet the numeric goals help me work towards my ultimate goal of being healthy. I lost weight and I live a healthier lifestyle, especially with the help of new recipes I discovered!
  • Take Risks. My biggest risk of this past year was accepting a job in a field I had no knowledge or experience in! While it was scary to take the first step in this new career, I have come to enjoy it more than I ever thought I would. 
  • Be A Great Friend and Better Girlfriend. This was a great year for friends! I had some many wonderful memories:  from Friday Wine Nights, to Raleigh Adventure Day, to celebrating every joy of this year with a cake date! We witnessed some of our best friends say “I do”, while I had the joy of being promoted to fiancee! I will always cherish these moments from 2016. 
  • Invest In My Hobbies. At the beginning of 2016, Jody committed to invest himself more in his hobbies, which inspired me to invest more in some of mine that I let fall by the wayside in the years prior. I picked my top three to focus on: Photography, travel and scrapbooking. Jody and I started our small photography business, we traveled to more places than we expected, and I finally finished my scrapbook of my study abroad trip to Europe! 

With a minor pange of sadness that 2016 is over, I am so overjoyed with all of the wonderful things to come in 2017! Having a little idea of some of the best memories we will walk away from 2017 with, my goals are to make the most of this exciting year!

2017 New Year’s Goals

  • Grow in faith
  • Gracefully navigate the transition into living together and married life and have a wonderful beginning of marriage with Jody
  • Travel to places near and far
  • Continue to grow my healthy lifestyle
  • Be generous in showing my hospitality to others
  • Cultivate long-distance friendships and find a network of friends in Maryland
  • Redefine and reinvest in my passions and hobbies

January 2017 Goals

  • Find a way to exercise at least twice a week
  • Complete more entries in my Write the Word Journal
  • Read ‘Jesus Calling’ every day
  • Find a couple’s devotional for Jody and I to start
  • Book our honeymoon
  • Mail save the dates

While these year-long goals are abstract, my hope is that each set of monthly goals will fall into one of the goals listed above. Continue to check back each month for updates of how I am living through these goals and hopefully how my year-long goals are woven into my goals each month!

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