Our Engagement Pictures

For those of you that remember, I was a tad hesitant about Jody’s idea to get our pictures taken for a friend who was trying to build his portfolio [see proposal]. I was set on having our engagement pictures taken at Randolph-Macon College, so when it came time to discuss engagement pictures, we had half of the work already done!

We were a little unconventional in terms of choosing a photographer for this shoot. We knew we wanted our engagement pictures in Virginia, but we also knew we were planning a wedding in Maryland. We considered booking a Virginia photographer, and then paying travel fees for them to shoot the wedding, or booking a Maryland photographer, and then paying for them to come to Virginia for the engagement pictures. But when it came down to it, we had limited time to make that decision, and I didn’t have time to book our wedding photographer right that minute. The hardest part was choosing someone in our time frame: we were set on having our engagement pictures in Richmond, but had 15 days before we were moving to Maryland. Our weekends in the fall were already booked with weddings, so we had one weekend that would work to get our “late summer” engagement pictures completed!

As Jody grew up in the area, I asked him to help with our search. We ended up coming across a girl he went to high-school with, who just moved back to the area, and was a photographer on the side! We met her to discuss what we wanted, and to decide if we wanted her to take our pictures. She was down-to-earth, a quality we really wanted in our photographer. We liked the pictures she had taken, and she let us be in control of a good portion of our shoot! Here’s some of our favorites:

We were able to get pictures taken at R-MC and in downtown Richmond — the city where we experience the first few years of adult life together! There wasn’t a better place to capture us in our state of engaged bliss. Thanks so much to Ashley Edmunds Photography for these fantastic images! We are so grateful that we have these pictures that capture our love story in the towns we fell in love in.

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